Chris DeRose

Character Designer, storyboard, animation Pawling, NY

From watching Disney classic's like The Great Mouse Detective, to laughing out loud at Warner Bros. Looney Tunes shorts, Young Chris knew by the age of 11, he wanted to work in the cartoon industry. Born in October 17, 1992 Chris was always "drawn" to the magical power of animation.

From drawing on his house walls, to his sketching on the back of his middle school homework, Chris couldn't resist the art form that was calling to him. He would mostly spend has afternoons looking up and studying classic animators such as Ward Kimball, and Modern animators like Genndy Tartakovsky as inspirations.

In the year 2013 Chris Finally got accepted into CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design) where for 4 years he would hone his craft and skills. Now Young Chris has become a man, and is eager to make his mark in the industry!


Columbus College of Art and Design



Drawing Art Storyboarding Animation Character Design